W3 show defiance in face of strong Spencer barrage

0-6 Loss vs Spencer
Match report by Victoria Bishop-Laggett

In a match that unfolded with the grace of a leaf caught in a storm, Southgate faced Spencer, and the winds of misfortune blew heavily against them. The final scoreline read 6-0, a result that left Southgate feeling as disoriented as a compass in a hurricane.

Adding a touch of entertainment to the chaos, the standout moment occurred when Southgate’s Lottie found herself caught in a collision course with an unsuspecting umpire. As if they were demonstrating how a human bowling ball would work, both Lottie and umpire ended up sprawled on the floor, creating a scene that could only be described as a surreal dance routine. It seems the wind wasn’t the only force determined to sweep things off their feet that day.

Credit is also due to the coaching finesse of women’s 1s coach, Andy Richardson, whose strategic guidance proved unwavering in the face of adversity. Despite the defeat, Southgate left the field with a sense of camaraderie and valuable lessons learned