W5s rack up a hefty 11 (or was it 12) goals!

Match Report : Hells Argyrou & Meg Lam

Result : WIN 11-1 vs West Herts

A beautiful day for hockey today, we had the sun, the vocal supporters, and Meg Lam on the side-line, keeping notes, scorers and helping with subs. We faced a sporting, youthful West Herts side and the game was more closely fought than the score line suggests with plenty of action in our defensive half.

Match report;

1st Half

3mins – Sally wins a short – Mon in great position and scores, 1-0
9mins – We win a short. Ball goes out to Asha, who makes an unstoppable strike in the bottom right corner, 2-0
22mins – We win another short. It goes to Karen, who makes a great pass to Julie Bragg across goal who makes an amazing reverse hit towards the goalmouth, Mon is there to bury it in, 3-0
31mins – We win a long corner, Sally picks it up outside the D and is unstoppable. She drives into the D and scores, 4-0
33mins and the closing stages of the 1st half, we are back attacking their D. This time Jos finds the back of the net and scores her 1st goal of the season, 5-0 and end of the 1st half.

2nd Half

5 mins – Asha shoots from the top of D towards the bottom left corner, Karen is quick to ensure the touch goes over the line, 6-0
6mins – Whilst we are pressing high, the Oppo win a short corner and strike off a rebound. Oppo score 6-1.
14 mins – Sally drives back into the D and finds Izzy. Izzy shoots, goal 7-1
18 mins – Sally makes another great run up the pitch and finds Izzy again. Izzy is on fire today and shoots, Goal, 8-1
18 mins – Ella, who joined for the 2nd half after coming straight from a netball match, was obviously still warmed up from netball, as she drove the ball up the left wing and ran straight through their defence to score, 9-1
23 mins – Great attack from oppo down the left but stopped by Bragg. Ella takes the ball and makes an excellent pass to Sally. Sally finds Mon, who strikes to get her hat-trick, 10-1
25 mins – The team has not let the lead get to their heads, they are still making some beautiful passes and keeping the oppo at bay. We are on the attack again and the ball is put in their D with Sally there to bang it in, Goal 11-1
We closed the game with a short for the oppo, our mighty defence made sure we did not concede. Whistle blows and job done.

On counting up in the clubhouse, we realised that somehow in our goal rush we had missed details of a goal somewhere, so apologies to whoever that was, but the players reliably tell us it was 12 goals, and they came from Asha 2, Izzy 2, Sally 2, Joss 1, Mon 3, Karen 1, Ella 1. Votes were spread around for Woman of the Week with Julie Matsuo coming out the winner for some fantastic defending and movement up the pitch.

Well done all, what a great team performance and such precision with your passing. Harrow should be quaking in their Astros!