W6 answer the call as Ava Smith helps delivers welcome Christmas point

Report by Kim Bishop-Laggett

1-1 vs Kings Alleyns

The W6s enjoyed a home fixture for their last game of 2023. Things looked a bit dicey mid-way through the week when the opposition seemed short of players, but having missed quite a few games due to weather, both teams were keen to pay and so, in true Southgate spirit we put out a ‘call to arms and Southgate players came to the rescue. So, it was we arrived for a much welcomed 3pm push back at home, with hot teas to look forward too – what a luxury. For once we had a surfeit of players and with mum and daughter duo Clare and Lucy offering to play against us (thankyou) we had 3 subs.

What can I say, the hockey gods were kind, and the game just went really well. It was fiercely competitive, end to end stuff, and the teams were very evenly matched. Our back transfers went well, we moved the ball on quickly and put the opposition, Kings & Alleyne 3s, under early and constant pressure. We played some lovely fluid hockey and countered their attacks well, we were rewarded with a gem of a goal by youngster Ava Smith before half-time. It was more of the same in the second half, the ball was back and forth, we defended, we turned over, we attacked, we exerted more pressure, but we couldn’t quite find another goal and eventually Kings managed to even the score.

All in all, hockey was the winner. A fine game to finish off the first half of the season, lovely opposition and the game was played in great spirit. There were many fine performances – we have come a long way since that first game back in September. MVP to Ava for dogged determination and relentless hard work plus a super goal.