Burkin Braces himself for impact as Wickham pulls of a wonder worldie to see Southgate over the line

Mens Hockey London Premier Division

Southgate M2 vs East London match report

by Alastair Whatley

Date: 30th September

Venue: Southgate Hockey Centre

Burkin Braces himself for impact as Wickham pulls of a wonder worldie to see Southgate over the line.

Match Report: Southgate Hockey Club M2 vs East London M1

Result: 4:3

In an exciting, entertaining and at times surprising match between Southgate Hockey Club M2 and East London M1, Southgate emerged victorious with a scoreline of 4-3. The game, which took place on 30th September at the Southgate Hockey Centre, saw Southgate seeking their first points of the season under the guidance of their new coach, Chris Pearce.

Southgate started the game with steely determination and quickly took control of the match. Drew Burkin proved to be the joker in the pack as his return to the M2 was marked by a Bukin Brace scoring two crucial goals from penalty corners in the 32nd and 50th minute. Scotland’s Aedan Mc Crossan also showcased his skills with a fine finish in front of the goal in the 33rd minute, the finish was accompanied by a Wallacean roar to the wake the Gods in the Tavern. However, the highlight of the match came in the 63rd minute when Ollie Wickham ran the length of the pitch to convert a late counter offensive, leaving the opposition stunned and the balcony on cloud nine.

Despite their impressive performance, Southgate found themselves reduced to only 7 outfield players for a period in the second half. This somewhat self imposed disadvantage allowed East London to score two goals, making the match more intense than the ‘Gate supporters or coach would have ideally wanted. However, Southgate managed to hold on and secure the victory, with East London only managing to scrape a consolation goal in the 70th minute.

The match also marked the welcome return of Drew Burkin to the forward line and Oliver Wickham at half back, both of whom made significant contributions to the team’s success. Additionally, the team welcomed Sam Paterson and Max Lieberschultz-Jones at full back, who proved to be valuable assets throughout the game.

Overall, it was an exhilarating match that showcased Southgate’s determination and resilience. With this win, Southgate secured their first points of the season and will undoubtedly be motivated to continue their success as they work towards their aim of promotion to the National League next season.