Consistency was key as M6 strike a bold 6-0 win to take team of the week title

The second game of the season for the M6s was back at the mighty Snakes Lane with a full 16 players. Everyone managing to rotate well. The game started at a decent pace with most of the possession for Southgate. The deadlock eventually broken by a lovely backhand strike from Sohan Dhana. The next ten minutes saw more decent pressure and a couple of miss firing short corners. Then Kyle Shah scored a nice finish and things seemed quite settled the ball being passed well. With not long until the break it was great to see James Lockheart score his first goal back at the club. There had also been one terrific safe dividing low to his left from Sam Levene. At half time all the chat was about good ball pace and passing early as well as not letting the oppo back into the game as we had the week before. The second half started well and before long even captain Hargrove managed to finish off a short – 4-0. The playing positions became a little more fluid from here but that was good. Sohan then finished another corner well  tucking the ball inside the right post. The game was rounded off with another goal from Kyle Shah. No cards and a good spirited game.

Sam Levene wasn’t called into much action but what he did was very good. Rafi Rosenfield, Aryan Chhaya, Oliver Nash and Yu Ito all offered masses down the flank. Mat Mitchell and James Rushton both looked assured in central defence distributing well. Will Hargrove had a fairly comfortable ride in front of the back four. Joining him in midfield was Kyle Shah, Sohan Dhana, Oliver Yaoz and Will Roughton all of whom did well, moving the ball with composure and not shirking the need to get back on occasion. UpfrontArun Sharma-Saul, Felix Rushton, James Marriott and James Lockheart all rotated well for the two spots and gave us much energy. This was another good performance.