M4s bring home a good draw against H&W 4s and keep hopes alive

H&W, newly promoted to the league with our Reds and Blacks last season, arrives at the match with 16 players and without stress, now sure of being safe and with no more ambitions for promotion.

Ours, on the other hand, start contracts, paying for the pressure of having to score points at all costs.

And, you know, pressure isn’t the best teammate… the match is balanced with chances on both sides, but Southgate is unprepared on some occasions and falls on the counterattack, with H&W able to finish in a 1 v 1 against an innocent Akshay.

Southgate would have the chance to equalise from a short corner before and with a shot just off from Richard Martins but found themselves 2-0 down shortly after halfway through the first half.

The merit of the reds is not to lower their heads, and Freddie’s goal a few minutes from the end of the first half rewards the team’s efforts and gives courage in view of the second half.

With a little more energy available, also thanks to the late arrival of Lik (guilty of not having noticed the change of time of the match and rightly rewarded as DoD for this) and morale still high, the 4s take over the game in the second half managing to defend with more order. Waqas scored the 2-2 goal from a fine team play that started from the right and finished on the left.

H&W tries to react and doesn’t seem willing to concede points to the opponents, but Southgate has the best chances but is too imprecise in the D to create real dangers for the good opponent’s goalkeeper.

The match ends on the right draw, which keeps the 4s one point above East London.

MoM is Freddie, not only for the goal but for a top player performance in midfield.