Match Report by Greg Wildesen

Titans 0 – Epsom 4 (league, Saturday)
Chelmsford 1 – Titans 3 (cup, Sunday)

Let’s talk about the Cup game on Sunday because that makes much better reading than Saturday’s lacklustre affair.
Sunday’s cup match against Chelmsford promised to be an interesting event. Hot on
the heels of a disappointing Saturday we rolled up to Witham Leisure Centre on a
bright and sunny Sunday afternoon ready to tackle our foe. Previous excursions
suggested a Southgate advantage but our previous day’s performance didn’t bode
well. The good news was that our new look squad looked strong and, thanks to
some hard campaigning by the ever hard working Ben, saw a turn out of 14 players
ready for action.
The whistle blew and we were away. Holding possession, attacking with purpose,
just missing the last element of actually putting the ball into the back of the net. It
wasn’t long before we realised we were going to have to manage a very enthusiastic
umpire, with whistle in one hand and the other permanently on various coloured
cards. Clearly this game was going to be all about the umpiring, or should I say, the
Our efforts were thwarted when he awarded a flick in dubious circumstances, which
was duly dispatched and led us into half time 1-0 down. Certainly against the run of
play. The first half was bossed by Mike in the centre ably assisted by Wiz and Ant.
That gave the 4 rotating forwards plenty of opportunities and Robin, Antoine, Brian
and Randall all made sure their defenders were kept busy and honest. Our defence
kept strong and some great action from Justin in goals (with advice from Biffi – “back
in your cage”!) made sure they never got a chance to inflict more pain.
The second half promised some goals and we had the advantage of not looking into
the sun and guessing who the potential recipient of our passes might be. Our
defence remained solid, offering them no space or opportunity. Our ball pace
quickened and through some sharp, direct one touch hockey our efforts were justly
rewarded with a fabulous goal taken by Robin, assisted by Mike in open play. More
quick ball movement and some nice stick work saw Antoine win a penalty flick which
Robin dispatched cleverly by bobbling it straight through the keeper’s pads. Then
Brian sealed the deal with a nice assist from Antoine.
All-in-all a great game, played in good spirits and even if there was some discontent
with some of the decisions it was a job well done. Thanks so much to Graham W,
Mike C, Ant C, Antoine K and Randall H for bolstering the Titan’s squad and making
it a great day. The day ended at the White Hart, Witham where the game was
judiciously disassembled and reassembled and we are ready for the next round.
Now back to Saturday’s game, not much to be said about that. A 4-0 loss to Epsom
in front of a home crowd. Never nice and walking off it just didn’t feel like a 4-0 game.
Lots to think about for next week, tighter possession, more movement inside the D,
less 2 on 1 opportunities for the opposition. Some good individual performance but

they never gelled as a team and as a result we probably got what we deserved. Next
week will be an opportunity to build on Sunday’s performance and get back to
winning ways.
Come on you Titans!!